About Us

Advancing Business Technology Leaders

The CIO Executive Council is a member-led executive organization, consisting of leaders working to impact the intersection of business, technology, and strategy. Our mission is to foster measurable value for all members by enabling them to apply peer insights to the success of their enterprise and personal achievement.

A Story Rooted in History

We believe in the exceptional. Aspirational leaders at the forefront of business are both guiding the future and seeking guidance. With transformation comes uncertainty. And with more responsibility comes a greater need for empowerment. At the CIO Executive Council, everything we do is centered around supporting our members. We are passionate about connecting them globally and promoting their professional growth through our blend of programs, lifelong learning, and inspired events. We believe in change and approach it with a sense of purpose that is tied to championing and caring for our members at every level. It is our passion and at the heart of everything we do. For more information on joining the CIO Executive Council, please contact us.

Backed by Insight, Intent, and Engagement

The CIO Executive Council was founded to serve the evolving, challenging, and demanding role of the Chief Information Officer (CIO) by leveraging technology, insight, PR opportunities, and data to take officers of the C-suite and executives to the next level.

A Mission of Empowerment

Our mission is to empower the success of today’s strategic leaders in a time of massive business transformation. We understand and care deeply about the leaders and organizations we serve, forging personal, trusted relationships. We are proud to be aligned with the world’s most influential organizations, delivering relevant value that drives business and personal prosperity.

A Vision for Transformation

We empower you – the agent of change – to transform business strategy, talent, technology, and culture. We inspire change so you avoid joining the statistic of forgotten businesses. We are your trusted ally, working together to achieve a future-perfect goal.

Transforming Leadership Starts Internally


We foster passion and excellence in the leaders we serve by developing relationships that go beyond the surface. Every day, we strive to make nothing short of a career-lasting impact. At the CIO Executive Council, it is the intangible efforts that make good leaders extraordinary.


We champion businesses that build resiliency. We create progressive, as well as customized, resources for strategic leaders of some of the most influential organizations in the world by working with future-ready leaders who drive change.


We go above and beyond the “now” and focus on maintaining future-readiness by shaping global business leaders who are always looking for what’s next. We are in the business of developing and facilitating the finest leaders that leverage current technology, but look to the future for what’s ahead.