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Dare To Be Extraordinary

  • We challenge you to want more out of your career. You will not be afraid of the responsibilities or risks. Why? Because risk is not only your favorite board game, but also your middle name. So what’s really stopping you from transforming into the business leader you want to be?

    Dare to be extraordinary. We’ll provide you with the platform to get there.

  • Accelerated Leadership is a program for the individual that is aspiring to be a C-Suite Leader to actively build business acumen and leadership competencies. The program is focused on bridging real problems with real solutions through individual and active group discussions, tools and strategies, all curated and facilitated by experienced business leaders and influencers.

    For the business leaders of tomorrow, the Accelerated Leadership program is designed to provide solution-oriented programming to propel your career and serve as a platform for growth.


All it takes is one experienced

CIO executive  to provide the right

guidance to take your  career &

organization to the next level.


The Pathways Leading Change Forum has been one of the most vital and supportive leadership programs I've experienced in my career so far. In the same year I attended the program, I was tasked with leading a major reorganization within our IT organization - so for me, the timing could not have been more perfect. The connections I made with peers and the coaching I received from an experienced CIO were invaluable. Being able to apply the learnings and the tools from the program helped me deliver some of the best results of my career. I will carry the Pathways experience, the network of collaborators, and more importantly a new found confidence with me as I tackle the next big thing!

Accelerated Leadership more than prepared me for my next journey into IT Leadership. Their unique approach to leadership development was not only refreshing, but relevant to real world environment experiences required to move to C-Suite IT leadership. Pathways gives you an opportunity to not only understand your areas of strength, but helps you target your areas of improvement. I would highly recommend Pathways for any organization that is looking to develop their next generation of IT Leaders and would recommend to any participant that has a desire to grow and excel in their career. As a new CIO, Pathways prepared me to be successful and ready for the challenge.

I found Accelerated Leadership to be unique in that the material spanned business and IT and connected people across industries with a CIO mentor that facilitated relevant conversations within a peer group. It connected you across industries while providing you a confidential, safe forum for discussing ideas and challenges.

Over 1600 business leaders have accelerated their career through the Accelerated Leadership Program.

In 2015 the Accelerated Leadership Program held 200+ hours of collaborative development sessions.

Our business, technology and leadership development offerings are delivered by leading CIOS and thought leaders addressing real problems with real solutions.

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