Board Preparedness Advisors

Leadership Development

IDC’s CIO Executive Council Board Preparedness Program leverages the insight and expertise of an extended bench of seasoned technology executives to help guide program participants on their journey to become productive, in-demand corporate board members.

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The world has changed and technology’s impact on business and the bottom line is critical as organizations embrace AI, automation, and extended digital collaboration. Enterprises that leverage the insight and expertise of their technology leaders will be better positioned to respond quickly and effectively to changing conditions.

Program Advisors

Barbie Bigelow

Former SVP and CIO, Jacobs, TASC (now SAIC) and Lockheed Martin; CEO, Emerald Growth Partners, LLC; PE Digital Operating Partner
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Richard Daniels

Formerly, EVP & CIO, Kaiser Permanente; 2019 CIO Hall of Fame from IDG
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Philip Fasano

Board Member; CEO at Gigster; Senior Advisor, Investor and Author View Profile

Wayne Shurts

Board Director; Former EVP/CTO Sysco, EVP/CIO SUPERVALUE and CIO Cadbury; University Advisor View Profile

Mike Skinner

Independent Board Member; Consultant; Retired Major General, United States Air Force
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Randall Spratt

Vice Chair, Board of Directors for Living Goods; Former CIO, CTO, SVP & Chief Process Officer, McKesson Health IT View Profile