Communicating Up: Successfully Presenting to Executive Leadership

Communicating Up: Successfully Presenting to Executive Leadership

Tuesday, October 18, 2022 @ 2:00 pm ET

Successfully communicating with senior leadership is something everyone recognizes as important, although many may lack the ability to express ideas for a positive outcome. What you say or do not say, and how you say it, often determines what you get back from listeners in terms of comprehension and appreciation or misunderstanding and missed opportunities for recognition and advancement.

The goal in creating a trajectory for your communication is to be clear, concise, and focused on making your thoughts become a part of the audience’s thinking, keeping in mind that everything you say can shine a negative or positive spotlight on your brand and career presence.

This session was led by leadership success coach Donna Ceriani. She explored the fundamental elements of effective and influential executive communication, including preparing your presentation for an individual or an audience, authentically conveying your message, relating your words to your target audience, and reading non-verbal signals to adapt your message on the fly without going off course. This engaging and interactive session also reviewed the tools, tactics, and principles that are the foundation of effective executive communication.

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