Digital Transformation at the Crossroads

Over the past several years, digital transformation has impacted markets, customers, channels and the competition. It has also changed the structure and culture of IT organizations and is setting new standards in global business operations. However, even though one in four companies have a full digital strategy in place and nearly half have a limited strategy, the definitions and approaches to digital transformation are still in a state of flux.

While most companies can agree on a basic framework and digital strategy, many companies are tweaking that journey with innovative solutions and ideas that not only reduce the complexity but take digital transformation to a new level. The focus is not to develop a massive digital strategy but to efficiently apply digital tactics to existing business strategies.

This session will explore the changing landscape of digital transformation as companies look beyond definitions to newly-defined strategies and innovative roadmaps. Joining us in this discussion will be Mihai Strusievici, Director of IT at Colliers International.

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