IT Outsourcing Trends, Tactics and Challenges

An increasing number of organizations turn to IT outsourcing as a way to preserve capital, reduce costs, improve operational flexibility, and rapidly deploy new capabilities in light of budget restrictions and a tight market for IT talent. In fact, outsourcing in 2018 accounted for 11.9% of a total IT budget, with a significant amount earmarked for outsourced security, notes IT researcher Computer Economics.

There are, however, a number of challenges facing outsourcing efforts today, including new regulatory issues, a shift from the better-known centers for outsourcing worldwide, and more emphasis on working with outsourcing providers as close and trusted partners and not just service vendors. Also, while most outsourcing has previously focused on IT infrastructure and support, the focus today is more on applications, business analytics and targeted project management, working with remote and on-site strategic partners.

This session will focus on the key trends and opportunities in IT outsourcing, including the cost/value benefits, governance, transparency and ways to amplify the success of your current staff with outside experts and talent. We will be joined by Bob Pick, SVP and CIO at TMNA Services LLC; Robert Taylor, SVP, Information Technology and CIO at Fluor; and Bill Blausey, SVP and CIO at Eaton Corporation.

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