Our Framework for Success

The Future-State CIO® is a competency based framework conceived by CIO thought-leaders who participate in the CIO Executive Council.

In partnership with Egon Zehnder, the CIO Executive Council determined the 10 competencies that make up the outstanding, strategic leader operating at their fullest potential. By leveraging data from more than 25,000 C-suite and senior leader assessments, this framework coupled with the Self & 360-Degree Assessment Tool determines the leader focus, staff expertise, stakeholder relations and in turn the value delivered to their respective organization when the competencies are applied.

As you move from left to right on the model you will see that the leadership competencies applied give result to the value those leaders drive for the organization. As you move up in skill ability within the competencies and to the right you will notice that value recognized by the organization significantly increases.


At the heart of the model is the notion that CIOs and other senior IT leaders have three fundamental leadership approaches that will be their PRIMARY focus at any given period. However, to be valuable and relevant long term, the CIOs of the future must insure they shift their focus on strengthening their competencies to have a majority of their activities be in the “strategic” zone.

The Journey model is the framework for all of our leadership development programs and can be used to apply to an individual or at the organizational level.

EDITOR’S NOTE: This journey framework has been updated to add a fourth level of Corporate Officer