Leadership Development is Essential at All Levels of Management

If you’re looking to understand the role of today’s CIO, and the leadership competencies needed to excel in that role, look no further than the CIO Executive Council’s newly updated framework, “The CIO Journey to Corporate Officer.”

With four tiers representing four leadership types, the model serves two purposes. It embodies the archetypes of the CIO role contained in IDG’s hallmark State of the CIO annual research, where the CIO and his/her team can be focused on the activities of a functional service provider, of a transformational trusted adviser, of a strategic business partner and (new this year) of an innovative corporate peer. It also provides the framework for IT leadership development, with accompanying competencies that provide CEC members with a game plan for professional development.

Take, for instance, the innovative tier. We added this new level to the model in 2018 after an extensive member-led initiative to document the latest capabilities of the CIO profession. This effort drove the creation of a whitepaper that lays out in detail the fiduciary and innovation responsibilities of the CIO role as a true corporate officer.

We then brought this concept on a roadshow at IDG’s CIO Perspectives events to share and discuss the leadership tenets with a wide audience. For CEC members, we launched leadership development offerings around the competencies, starting with a session on joining external boards. Two members who serve on multiple corporate boards shared their experience and offered tips for preparing for, and finding, board seats.

Wherever an IT executive is in his or her career, leadership development is always on the docket. Through job changes or a fast-paced environment with ever new challenges – think M&A, digital transformation, change management – learning is part of the game. CEC members have peer connections, executive coaching, mentoring and programming to help them continue on their path and solve for the latest challenge before them.  Even the most experienced CIOs – those on our advisory board – told us just this spring how they seek peer-based coaching to address scenarios they haven’t encountered in their career.

Whether you need to help make your company more customer focused, drive commercial product development using data or an expansion of an in-house platform, or nail the basics of driving results within IT, the CEC is here to help. The “CIO Journey to Corporate Officer” lays out some destinations; the rest is up to you.

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