Research: Enterprise Security Spending on the Rise

Nearly two-thirds of enterprise organizations in the U.S. plan to increase spending on security budgets over the next year, with a fair amount of these funds earmarked for intelligent and intuitive tools that go beyond reactive alerts to detecting and preventing attacks before they occur. A number of these organization will also be investing more in zero-trust and blockchain technologies to add additional layers of security to protect sensitive and proprietary data.

Those are just some of the findings detailed in IDG’s 2018 Security Priorities Study, conducted earlier this year to find out what kind of security safeguards organizations have in place today and what projects they have on tap for 2018 and perhaps the coming year. A total of 664 IT executives involved in corporate and/or physical security took part in the survey that provides a look at where the money is spent, and the challenges faced as security risks in the enterprise continue to escalate worldwide.

Some key finds from the study:

  • Security budgets for organizations are expected to increase an average of 13% over the next year, with most spending earmarked for safeguard best practices and compliance management.
  • While firewalls, anti-virus tools and endpoint protection remain the foundation of most security strategies, many organizations say they are looking into next-generation tools to supplement traditional protection techniques. This includes behavior monitoring solutions, with 53% of those polled saying they are presently researching or piloting such technologies and 28% admitting they already have such alternatives in place; data analytics techniques, with 52% saying they are researching or piloting such options and 23% claiming such tools are already in place; and zero-trust and blockchain technologies, with roughly half the respondents noting they are now researching or piloting
  • 51% of the executives surveyed are presently researching or piloting cloud data protection technologies that are designed to detect and thwart cyber-attacks on cloud-based infrastructures and software applications. Nearly all organizations (90%) have at least one application in the cloud currently, or plan to in the next 12 months, according to IDG’s 2018 Cloud Computing Study.


If you would like more information on IDG’s 2018 Security Priorities Study, or to request a copy of the Executive Summary, please contact us at the CIO Executive Council.