The Trouble with Cloud Contracts: A Crash Course in Managing Risk

Managing traditional vendor contracts is a skill most CIOs have mastered. However, the new realities of negotiating with cloud providers — over everything from data aggregation and service levels to exit clauses — can be grim.

During this session, Executive Director of CIO Programs, Maryfran Johnson, will be joined by Boston-based IT attorney Matt Karlyn, who negotiates cloud deals for a living. Matt will share specific legal advice and ideas as it relates to the importance of incorporating flexibility into cloud contracts, raising awareness as to how and where vendors are commercializing your data, and how CIOs can impact the net result of any cloud contract – especially vis a vis service levels, location and security around their data, and exit clauses. As Matt puts it: “Data is king – and the cloud is a dangerous place for data.”

We will also explore the best counter-arguments to use when vendors push back on contract change demands; and, Matt will provide a list of pitfalls to avoid and ways to keep more options open.

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