Words of Wisdom: The Power of Storytelling to Inspire, Influence and Engage

One of the more effective tools an executive has in managing and motivating people is storytelling – sharing experiences, insights and observations that provide context and direction to individuals and teams. Relevant stories can not only help in managing conflicts, addressing problems and influencing others to do their best, but can be used to sell a vision or advance strategic agendas. It adds depth to data and statistics, while building a supportive base of followers throughout an organization.

Developing and nurturing a talent for storytelling is not easy, however. It starts with communication skills and the desire to really listen. It also requires the ability to authentically articulate thoughts and breakdown complex events into interesting and relatable snapshots.

In this session, Executive Director of CIO Programs, Maryfran Johnson, will discuss the ways in which you can employ storytelling strategies to communicate more effectively and motivate your teams. Maryfran will be joined by Justin Kershaw and Gabby Nelson from Cargill, the largest privately held company in the US, with $120B in sales and one of Fortune’s Top 25 Most Important Private Companies.

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