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Impact Performance

  • Being a global business leader takes more than skill and smarts; it takes a high performing team behind the scenes, constantly pushing boundaries, embracing innovation and driving results. Your business challenges are unique and an off-the-shelf standard workshop won’t always do.

    CEC’s Strategic Enterprise Services (SES) team provides highly customized interactive learning sessions

  • designed to impact your team’s performance while delivering business outcomes you can implement into your organization today.

    Leveraging our relationships with top C-level advisors, we provide customized sessions, events & programming to better prepare the world’s most influential organizations for transformation.


All it takes is one session to

generate a new idea that will take

your organization to the next level.


I gained a deep insight into myself and my colleagues. Through an Insights Discovery training, I uncovered the meaning in preferences and behavior and how to adapt and connect with others to create strong and effective relationships.

I’m really enjoying the program and the quality of guest speakers. I feel like hearing from their experiences and various viewpoints is giving me something that I can use to grow and better develop my career.

The interactivity and brainstorming required during the session was incredible at producing results.

Over 6500 leaders have participated in CEC group learning engagements.

91% of our participants rate our programs as valuable, versus a recent industry published statistic of 70%.

Applied learning takeaways, resources and tools provide participants with immediate application of learned skills and actionable next steps for continued development.

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